Back to Bellydance Class Adventure - Land Mermaid Workshop - Seattle, WA

Bellydance Back to School Adventure ~ Land Mermaids ~ The last weekend before dance classes begin in the Fall The Sirens whisk ourselves away for an adventure ~

Sun Sept 15, 2019 3pm - 5pm ~ Dance workshop at Velocity in the Steward Studio followed by a Victorian mermaid picnic on the shore of Lake Washington ~ Farewell Summer! Hello Mermaids!

Past, present and future Sirens are welcome. Time is short and sweet. Dancers only. No children. Dress up strongly encouraged! Bring your own hamper of goodies for dinner and something extra to share, a blanket and your parasol. It will be lovely.

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*Preregistration for all classes and special events are non-refundable.

You can’t make it to Leslie…

Bring Leslie to you.


All workshops are planned to be 1.5 to 2 hours long but can be offered as mini-workshops for a shorter taste of the topics.

* Bellydance Toolbox – Beginning Bellydance - refine your basic shapes
* Sacred geometry – Continuing Bellydance - multi-dimensional bellydance for goddess warriors
* Acrobatic training for bellydance floorwork - conditioning
* Bellydance Workout - Stretch and tone – Drills and Thrills
* Balancing Object - Chari Pot, Sword
* Breathwork for bellydancers – Combining yogic breath with stomach work to help dancers sink deeper into the exploration of the isolations of the torso
* Candle Dancing
* Basic Poi
* Partner Double Veil

Group classes for bellydance and aerial are available on a weekly basis in Seattle. Please check the classes page for more info.