You can’t make it to Leslie…

Bring Leslie to you.


All workshops are planned to be 1.5 to 2 hours long but can be offered as mini-workshops for a shorter taste of the topics.

* Bellydance Toolbox – Beginning Bellydance - refine your basic shapes
* Sacred geometry – Continuing Bellydance - multi-dimensional bellydance for goddess warriors
* Acrobatic training for bellydance floorwork - conditioning
* Bellydance Workout - Stretch and tone – Drills and Thrills
* Balancing Object - Chari Pot, Sword
* Breathwork for bellydancers – Combining yogic breath with stomach work to help dancers sink deeper into the exploration of the isolations of the torso
* Candle Dancing
* Basic Poi
* Partner Double Veil

Group classes for bellydance and aerial are available on a weekly basis in Seattle. Please check the classes page for more info.